at a glance: infrastructure, distributed computing, systems research, & teaching

Stanford University

Systems and Networking Research

  • Working on the functional operating system Fixpoint with the Systems and Networking Research Lab under Prof. Keith Winstein
  • Responsible for implementing built-in functional programming operations
Undergraduate Researcher
Nov 2023 - Present

Stanford University

Computer Science

  • Section leader for the introductory Stanford CS classes (CS 106A / CS 106B)
  • Teaching a weekly section of ~10 students, reviewing class materials and working through practice problems
  • Building program infrastructure, including system platforms and assignment auto-grading
Teaching Assistant
Jan 2023 - Present


Service Platform

  • Designed a backend service to monitor database index builds and notify the responsible team or developer of status changes
  • Composed design docs, workflow diagrams, service implementation in multiple repositories, and documentation
  • Engineered a reusable notification system for future usage Backend test-driven development in Go, Ruby, & Java
Software Engineering Intern
Jun 2023 - Sep 2023

Stanford University

Center for Teaching and Learning

  • Peer academic tutor for the Center for Teaching and Learning, providing high-quality tutoring to Stanford students free of charge
  • Responsible for tutoring the entire Stanford computer science major core (CS103, CS106A, CS106B, CS107, CS109, CS111, and CS161)
Academic Tutor
Sep 2022 - Jun 2023



  • Completed full development process, including design docs, interface mockup, implementation, and documentation
  • Improved page load times and overall user experience
  • Co-designed a full-stack application to simplify promotion management for the marketing team
STEP Intern
Jun 2022 - Sep 2022